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Running Friendly Auctions

How the real estate industry can make auctions a win/win/win for buyers, sellers and agents

Auctions have consistently proven to be an excellent means of reaping maximum reward from a property sale over many decades. They generate maximum exposure and interest during what is widely considered to be the peak selling period (the first 4 weeks) and they encourage emotional attachment and competition among prospective bidders.

The Friendly Auction System is true to its name. By listening carefully to his clients and the needs and wants of consumers in general, Mark has devised a system that successfully wins the hearts and minds of both buyers and sellers because it ticks all the boxes that traditional auction methods miss. The system has already proven a hit with other agents as it allows them to successfully explore the market and achieve the best possible price through its brilliant, yet straightforward process and techniques.

Mark Kentwell's Friendly Auction System defies the traditional ‘rules' that often drive buyers and sellers away in droves, while still maintaining sensible conditions to ensure that nobody gets burnt in the process. On this 2 disc audio CD, Mark explains how this simple system generates more interest from more buyers and therefore delivers a better result for the vendor.

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Mark Kentwell

Managing Director
PRD nationwide Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

Described in the Newcastle Herald as a "real go-getter", Mark Kentwell has sold more homes under the hammer than any other agent in the Hunter region, NSW since 2008. The founder and Managing Director of PRDnationwide Newcastle & Lake Macquarie.

Mark has also been the national franchise group's highest selling principal since 2008 and was named Australian Regional Principal of the Year at the Australian Real Estate Awards in 2014. In the same year, his agency ranked 5th on the RebOnline Top 50 national sales office ranking.

Lee Woodward

Real Estate Academy

Lee Woodward has been widely acclaimed for having transformed the real estate industry and profession. His dynamic, cutting edge business systems and career development solutions enable thousands of real estate professionals to excel in their chosen careers and countless businesses to thrive in an increasingly challenging commercial environment.


"Friendly Auctions is a fresh and transparent way of selling real estate. Mark has invested thousands of hours in the trenches in getting this model right. This book delivers a strategic plan for performing your real estate duties at the highest level."

Lee Woodward,
CEO Real Estate Academy

"Friendly Auctions are a great way to get more buyers and sellers on board with auction. I've seen the difference first hand that Friendly Auctions have made in marketplaces that traditionally resisted auction and now embrace auctions as a favoured method of sale."

Damien Cooley Director at Cooley Auctions,
Australian Auction Champion and four-time winner of The Block


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Auctions have always been regarded as a highly effective real estate sales method for achieving peak value for vendors. But the majority of Australian agents tend to baulk at the idea of going to auction unless all the stars align perfectly - a seller's market, a unique or special property or circumstances and an auction savvy marketplace. As a result, only a small percentage of properties across Australia on average is listed for auction each year. And yet auction advocates know and consistently prove that a well-run auction can benefit just about any type of seller, p roperty type and market conditions.

Up until now, only the industry's top agents have possessed the skills to navigate the additional challenges that auctions present to create repeatable auction success. Friendly Auctions address those challenges from an entirely new angle. By focusing on making the process friendlier on buyers, sellers and in turn, agents, the Friendly Auction System gives you the tools you need to consistently nail the auction process.

The Friendly Auction System is the result of evolving the traditional auction to suit the modern marketplace. Almost a decade in the making, the system has been thoroughly tested in marketplaces, from those where auctions run hot to those where [they auctions] are strongly resisted by buyers, sellers and agents. In each marketplace, they have resulted in a better acceptance of auctions, greater bidder numbers and superior clearance rates.

Whether you're just beginning your auction journey or you're an 'auction champion' looking to gain a new edge over your competition, this book will add some powerful new tools to your auction toolkit.

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